When parents use technology

The millennial generation is the first under fire when it comes to continues and almost endless use of technology. Children are now growing up with tablets, computers and smart phones glued to their hands and capturing their gaze. This does not mean that the uses of modern technology are only limited to those that were born during the same time of the birth of modern electronic devices. Although the highest number of users of modern technology tend to range in the younger generation, there are still a number of adults, and parents, that must incorporate technology into their daily lives. In the world that we live in today it is nearly impossible to go about your business without utilizing some form of technology, at least in the more developed regions of the world. There are quite a few observations that have been made on the way that parents use modern technology in their daily lives. Some of these observations even clash with the ideas of usage that are engrained in the younger generation that seems to have been born into a world of understanding the importance of technology.

One major concern that has been noted about parent’s use of technology seems to be their inherent need to overshare. This may be the result of a lack of understanding or the new discovery of their ability to share every move of every minute to almost everyone who is watching. While some parents voice extreme concern, others are playing into it at the same time. Although some parents may understand the vulnerability that their children face in a world where everything is shared through the internet, some fail to realize their own vulnerability under the same circumstance.

The internet and electronic devices

Kids these days are ridiculed for becoming too detached and disengaged due to their constant connection to the internet and electronic devices. However, who is to say that parents today do not fall under the same category? Studies have shown that when it comes to their parents using technology, children have increasing complaints about their parents being too absorbed. Now that most jobs require some use of connection via technology, people rarely able to “unplug.” The more glued in that children are becoming to their electronic devices, the more glued in their parents are becoming as well. Don’t be mislead. The use of technology has allowed parents better opportunities to monitor and communicate with their children and that is a true blessing. But there are still situations where the parent or adult may become to engaged in what is going on with their technological device rather than what is going on right in front of them.

You’ve probably heard the saying that its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. This is somewhat true when it comes to the generation that has coined the phrase “back in my day” as an opening liner to the simpler, yet ironically more difficult of times. While some may still be in denial that advanced technology is the only way to continue on in today’s society efficiently, others have been brave enough to take on the operational challenges that come along with staying “hip”. Most tech savvy people understand how to fix simple bugs and glitches, while others have enough understanding to leave the fixing to the professionals. Some parents today think that they still have all of the answers. These are normally the parents who click one too many buttons only to end up with viruses or malware eating up their computers. Millennials learned these lessons with their first experience with pop-ups or even the infamous LimeWire. We know better than to click on that sketchy advertisement or free offer. Parents today were not afforded that simple luxury.

Another sad situation is the spam

Most millennial people have a solid understanding of how to spot the real from the fake on the internet. Although the internet trolls and tricksters are becoming more deceptive, parents still don’t have the tech understanding to discern the situations most younger people will see as obvious. Parents are equally susceptible to internet hackers and viruses through spammed content, especially when they are unequipped to notice the difference.

Technology evolves in an effort to make life easier, not harder. Parents do not always understand that as being the case. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to open up the lines of communication when it comes to understanding technology. Although it might be kind of hard to believe, when it comes to technology it is a great opportunity for parents to learn from their children instead of the other way around. The younger generation was basically born with electronics at their disposal, and now they have a better understanding of how some of these gadgets work than their elders. Where children are normally in a position to learn from their parents, technology might be the one area where the parents can learn from their children.

Parents utilizing technology is definitely not a bad thing. In a world that is so digitally connected, it is becoming increasingly important for everyone to get on game. We can not help but acknowledge that there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to parents using new technology. Things that seems so simple and easy to some, prove to be complicated and difficult for parents, especially those unfamiliar with technology. In some cases we can say that technology and bad parenting have something in common too. For parents it is hard to understand why children gives so much time on technologies and not doing what they think is the right for them. 

Ultimately, technology isn’t going anywhere. In fact, we are on a fast track to a completely revolutionized and technologically advanced society. Just as we educate our children with the basic understandings of the world and life, we need to continue to educate parents on the importance and the simplicity of technology. This is vital as technology is a major component of their children’s lives.