What is Amazon Go?

Imagine this. You’re on your way home from work and realize that you need a couple of things from the grocery store before you make it home. You walk into the closest store to grab the items you need and then…walk straight out. No lines or checkouts. No cashier exchange. That’s right!  It’s a stress-free, grab-and-go shopping experience without the hassles and headaches stemming from long lines and lengthy check-outs. This image is the hopeful future of shopping stores with the new technology provided through Amazon Go.


New Amazon Go concept


Amazon, known for its attempts to changing the convenience of purchases, has once again challenged the world of shopping with their new Amazon Go concept. Amazon Go is a compact convenient store with ready-to-go items that allow shoppers to enter and exit quickly and painlessly. Their advanced technology is being used in their own testing grounds, but will likely expand to change the game of retail shopping on a global scale. The technology they use allows them to detect when products are removed or returned to the shelves of the store, and whose cart they are going into. It tracks them in what they call a “virtual cart,” similar to the concept used when you participate in online shopping. After grabbed all of the items on your list, you can simply walk out. Amazon will charge your account and send you a receipt.


Although the grocery store market is not a thriving one, it is not likely that becoming a grocery store giant is Amazons ultimate goal. The golden key is what they call the “Just Walk Out Shopping” payment program technology. The ability to track inventory and purchases autonomously is newfound concept in the retail market. If Amazon Go proves to be a stapled success in the retail markets, this software could soon be found in retailers and convenient stores around the world.


Autonomous shopping technology


There are several advantages that come with this autonomous shopping technology. By using the Amazon technology, grocers and retailers would be able to reduce labor costs and reduce risk of in-store theft. Not to mention completely changing the customer shopping experience. In turn, Amazon would then increase its customer membership and potential sales made through Amazon.com. This next-generation technology will be a win-win for anyone involved – retailers, shoppers and Amazon.


The first Amazon Go store opened in December 2017 breaking ground in Amazon’s home base of Seattle, Washington. The convenient store is about 1,800 square feet and stocked with on-the-go meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are prepared fresh and daily on-site. Additionally, you can find your usual staples of breads, milks, cheeses and chocolates. One of the most sought after features of the new store is the availability of the meal-kits. Ready to make meal-kits have been sweeping through the food industry, but have come at the cost of higher prices and inconvenience. Bringing the meal-kits to a store front like Amazon Go will provide some solutions for these small problems.


If you are in the area, just about everyone can enjoy the perks of Amazon Go shopping. All you need to get started is an Amazon account and a mobile device to “log-in” once you’ve entered the store.  You simply tap your phone on a turnstile as you walk in, shop, and then walk out. It will be interesting to see how this one location works and functions with the new technology and how the customer base will receive and experience the new technology, and how long it will take for this concept to expand to other retailers.