Most Popular APPS Of 2018

Have you ever thought about what would be the most famous and most downloaded apps in 2018? Are you missing something? Should you find some app which would make your life easier and happier?

Yes, you are exactly at the right place! In this article, we will share the most popular apps of 2018! And believe me, people don't download these apps without a reason, these are the best! Take a look at our list and find out more about this topic! Let's start!


Why people download numerous VPN apps? Because they are marvelous! There is almost nothing you cannot achieve while having and using a Virtual Private Network app. Why is that so? Do you want to be completely sure how your personal information and data are safe while surfing the web? Do you want to visit all those websites which are restricted in your country? What can be better than downloading such an app? Literally nothing! If you haven't tried it, now is the perfect time to do that!


Numerous people are downloading this app each and every second. Why is that so? What is so special about it? This is the most widely used chat app you would be able to find! Do you want a video call? How about audio calling? You can get it all just by downloading a WhatsApp. We are sure that you will enjoy it if you don't already!


Do you know anyone who doesn't have a Facebook account? If I can admit, I only know a few people that don't have Facebook, and nowadays, it seems very hard to stay in touch with them. Why is that so? We have learned to be connected as a society now more than ever. I am, of course, talking about a cyber connection, yet, you cannot doubt how it doesn't offer us numerous benefits. I think how I don't need to say any more words about Facebook because you probably know all about it, right?

Facebook Messenger

Besides taking a look at the photos your friends have uploaded on their profiles, you need to admit how a messenger has a larger part in this all. You can chat easily. You can chat either from your computer or your phone, it is the same. Stay in touch with everyone you love or like anytime and from anywhere!


When I think of an Instagram a bit, I get that picture of ''perfect and happy people'' which are trying to show their lives at their best versions. Besides that, it is all about whom do you follow and who your friends are. It doesn't matter if you enjoy sharing your photos from some fancy hotel, or if you want to inspire other people-it is all up to you-your life story in the pictures!

Overall, we have predicted how these apps would definitely be the most downloaded ones in 2018! What do you think, what are the other apps which have a crucial value but people haven't heard of? Share your information with us!