Top 5 Future Technology Inventions

We live in a world where the imaginable is now reality. Technological advances are growing and forming almost exponentially. With the new smart phone technologies, fit bits and Apple watches, hoverboards, virtual reality lenses and more, it becomes more apparent that with today’s advancements we can create almost everything that we can dream up. The world of flying cars and AI “humans” roaming the world is not that far out of reach. As we creep through this new millennium, we can only wait and see what new life-changing inventions are going to continue popping up. Here is a look at the top five potential future technological inventions that may eventually take the world by storm.

The Mobile Bracelet

We’ve seen a glimpse into the future with the Apple watch, a device that allows you to carry around most of the information on your iPhone or mobile device directly on your wrist while still managing to give you a digital display of the time. Tech predictions raise the bar even higher with the idea of a simple thin bracelet that, with the flick of the wrist, will display your phone screen with touch functions directly onto your forearm using a holographic image. The idea of being able to check your phone while in the bath tub or riding a bike may have seemed a bit far fetched several years ago, but this idea will most likely become a reality in the short future.

The iWatch

Again, we’ve already seen the basic concept with Apple’s watch. However, the idea of the I Watch takes it a step further. This watch could allow you to access all of the information on your computer and mobile device and display it through a holographic screen either directly in front of you or displayed on a surface like a table. This differs from the current Apple watch with the fact that you are not limited to a small watch face to display your emails and such. You can literally control the width and length of the holographic display and use it at any moment while either on your body or laid on a surface.

The Wall Format Display Glass

You know those sci-fi movies where the lab scientists and federal officials are tracking information on maps and charts displayed through a glass wall? Well, this is pretty much the exact same concept. A complete touch screen technology that allows you to work from a desk or table surface while displaying the rest of your screen on a glass wall. This concept is ideal for designers and corporate companies that do work that require multiple screens or devices. It will open up the opportunities for not only individual work, but create an easier space for group work to become efficient.

The Smart Card

Imagine being able to access all of your information and perform all of the functions you need to through a small pocket-sized business card. That is the idea of the Smart Card. A sleek display of technology that can function as a phone, organizer, GPS and map, and more. Instead of having to carry around a phone or laptop, you can simply pull the card out of your wallet and access the information that you need. This will lighten the weight of your load and make traveling from place to place much less stressful. The future of technology is moving towards smaller and smaller devices, in an effort to increase efficiency and minimize the unnecessary. However it is very sensitive data and you will need to have special protection for this gadget. One of the solution which is becoming more popular is virtual private networks. To get more info about this high quality security service click here to visit NordVPN which is one of the biggest provider on the market.

The Smart Newspaper

Who said print media is dead? The idea of the Smart Newspaper will be an effort to revive what is more frequently becoming known as a dying industry. If you’ve seen most of the Harry Potter movies (or dare I say read the books) then you probably have a visualization of what these new and improved newspapers will look like. Although it will look and feel like the original version, the experience will be something completely different. Imagine a newspaper with moving images, clickable links, and the ability to connect specific sections to your phone or mobile device. Not to mention the fact that this new idea for print media will bring a whole new definition to “reduce, reuse, recycle” coined by the environmental industry.